A Fathers Love

Dear Son;

We’ve had our differences I know,

We’ve both worked through our growing pains,

Sometimes we concentrated on the loss

But what’s more important are our gains.

I’ve watched you grow into a man,

As you conquered so much strife,

I couldn’t have a better Son

To add blessing to my life.



Honsell D Thompson Sr.

While trekking through the woods today, I rested on a stone,

And there I sat, quiet as a cat, in silence and alone.

A chilling breeze rustled through the trees, as dead leaves floated down,

To form another layer on the ancient forest ground.

Some birds are chirping happily, a small squirrel scampers by,

An old beech tree towers over me, almost to the sky.

A cloud or two, fronts a sky of blue, a vista to behold!

Oh, so divine, these hills of mine! So beautiful and old.

This is the Church for which I search, when life seems so unfair,

When problems mount, more than I can count, I need someone to care,

It’s here I find some peace of mind, and where I refuse to brood,

For me, the answer’s easy, It’s simply SOLITUDE.



Honsell Thompson, Sr.

Honsell Thompson, Sr.

Retired USAF & CSX Rail Road. Age 80 09/12/1941. Hobbies; Writing, MS Flight Sim 2020, Ham Radio -WA4LJJ. Morse code operator. HDT@FASTMAIL.COM